Visit information

Currently we are closed and unable to offer any direct visits to schools/ community groups.


Frequently asked Questions


If you have a visit booked? 

All visits are cancelled until further notice.

You need to inform your group members and ask them not to travel to the Training and Safety Centre.


When will you be back open?

Information regarding future re-opening of the centre will be available on our website and via Twitter @GMFRS_SC. (opens in a new window).


We are reviewing opening the Safety Centre on a month by month basis, currently the earliest opening date will be December 2020. This will be subject to local and national guidelines.


If you have a visit booked in prior to December 2020, this will be cancelled accordingly.


We will do our best once the centre is re-opened to contact all schools and educational providers to rebook your visit.


If you want to make a future booking

We are not currently accepting booking at the Safety Centre; we are awaiting further guidance on when we can start accepting future bookings.


Last updated 09/10/2020