Terms and Conditions 2

Standard Booking Conditions

Thank you for your interest in visiting the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) Training and Safety Centre. During your visit some of our crews may also wish to come and talk to you about fire safety and other related issues. We ask that you help facilitate this as safety education is crucial for everyone and it’s a real opportunity for us to build some links with the community and really work together to help save lives. We very much hope you enjoy using our Community Room and if you have any questions or feedback please contact the GMFRS Contact Centre on 0800 555 815 or by email safetycentre@manchesterfire.gov.uk You will understand that we have to have rules about how our facilities are used and these are set out below:

1. Bookings

1.1. GMFRS classes a school or college visit as an organised group of students in full time education visiting as part of their course of studies led by staff. 1.2. All schools and colleges are asked to book as far in advance as possible, with a minimum of two weeks’ notice to enable GMFRS to provide the appropriate level of guides and support. 1.3. The person making the booking shall be considered the Organiser. 1.4. Contact details for the person leading the visit, the Group Leader, must be provided if the Organiser is not leading the visit in person. 1.5. The group details attending for the visit must be as specified at the time of booking. 1.6. The visit duration and use of the facility shall be restricted to those areas and times agreed on the booking form. 1.7. We are not able to take provisional bookings. All enquiries and bookings are dealt with in the order in which they are received. 1.8. Visits are subject to availability. 1.9. Please note the booking is not confirmed until the Organiser has received the confirmation email from GMFRS Contact Centre. 1.10. On arriving at the Safety Centre the Group Leader must provide an attendance register and note the fire routine instructions. 1.11. The Organiser must ensure that the Group Leader is aware of the GMFRS Terms and Conditions regarding the booking and visit to the GMFRS Training and Safety Centre. 1.12. To request a booking fill in our online Booking Form and agree to the GMFRS Terms and Conditions. You should receive an automated email response to your booking. If you do not receive this please contact us at safetycentre@manchesterfire.gov.uk 1.13. Please only make your travel arrangements after your booking has been confirmed. 1.14. Addsafetycentre@manchesterfire.gov.uk to your 'safe senders' list to ensure our emails reach.

2. Charges

2.2. Visits to the GMFRS Training and Safety Centre are FREE. 2.3. There are no cancellation charges, but please refer to 3.1.

3. Cancellation

3.1. We don't charge for cancellations, however, please let us know no less than one week in advance if you can't visit so we can offer the space to another group. 3.2. Cancellations must be made in writing to safetycentre@manchesterfire.gov.ukor by phoning GMFRS Contact Centre on 0800 555 815. 3.3. GMFRS reserves the right at any time to refuse or cancel a booking to be held on its premises without notice. 3.4. In the event of a cancellation by GMFRS, every effort will be made to offer an alternative date or venue. 3.5 GMFRS shall not be liable whatsoever, either to the School/College or to any person in respect of a claim of compensation for travel, hire charges or damages arising in any manner from the cancellation.

4. Adult to child ratio

4.1. Schools and Colleges must have at least a 1 adult to every 10 Children (under 18). 4.2. Arranged visits will not proceed without the required Adult to Child ratio.

5. Catering

5.1. Groups are requested to advise us if they plan to purchase lunch from the Café to ensure that their needs and allergies can be catered for where possible. 5.2. Outside catering will not be allowed on the site without prior approval by the GMFRS Contact Centre. 5.3. Groups can use the seating area to eat their own packed lunch with prior agreement so that we can reserve tables for you. 5.4. When agreed, caterers or any persons providing hot food for a function / event must comply with current health, hygiene and public insurance liability requirements. 5.3. It is the Group Leaders responsibility to tidy up the Café area utilised by their group after use.