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We have recently made changes to our Universal Offer for education packages to Primary and Secondary Schools.  To keep the young people of Greater Manchester safe through all of the seasons, we intend on creating and distributing different safety educational packages with various resources to be delivered throughout the year by your teachers.


This year’s summer safety campaign has now launched safe4summer (opens in a new window) – helping to tackle anti-social behaviour, grasslands fire and teaching about the dangers of water safety, ensuring everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. While young people are off school – or in the evenings or at weekends - there may be temptation for them to get involved in things that seem like harmless fun but can often lead to serious consequences.  This summer, we're asking schools to support the #SummerSafe campaign by showing the videos below to help make our communities safer and more enjoyable places.


Our educational resources have been designed and developed to be delivered directly in the classroom, facilitated by teachers.  Our videos are supported either by a lesson plan or guidance notes and take approximately 15-20 minutes to deliver and feature some of our Operational Firefighters, Specialist Officers and Educational Officers.



What is it?

How long does it take?

Preventing Grassland Fires

Presented by Prevention education instructor this presentation out lines the dangers and how to prevent grassfires.

15 minutes

Anti Social behaviour

This is a video presentation discussing the risks and impacts of anti social behaviour featuring some of our Operational Firefighters.

20 minutes

Water Safety

This is a video presentation around the risks and dangers of open water featuring some of our Operational Firefighters

15 minutes


Preventing Grassland Fires

Safe4Summer: Grassland Fires Lesson Plan for Delivery (docx)

Safe4Summer : Secondary School PowerPoint Presentation (pdf) (opens in a new tab)


Anti-Social Behaviour

Safe4Summer: Anti-Social Behaviour Primary School Lesson Plan for Delivery (dox)

Safe4Summer : Anti-Social Behaviour Secondary School  PowerPoint Presentation (pdf) (opens in a new tab)



Water Safety

Safe4Summer: Secondary School  Water Safety Lesson Plan for Delivery (docx)

Safe4Summer : Secondary School Water Safety Presentation (pdf) (opens in a new tab)










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